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Feb 27, 2024

Assignment Task

1. How should educational theory enter teachers` professional judgements in their classroom practice? Discuss using examples either from your experience or from the literature.

2. `The Nature of CPD depends on the aims of the programme.` Discuss in relation to no more than two kinds of CPD.

3. What is the craft element in teaching? Is it the whole, a part or not an element of it at all?

4. What should teachers do when they feel that their personal values collide with the values of the institutions in which they work. Discuss with two examples.

5. A career is a lifelong professional engagement with an occupation. How should teachers` careers develop and how should they be supported? Discuss in relation to a specific national context.

6. Critically evaluate the suggestions made in the following report. Use the concepts discussed in the module (on teaching expertise and professionalism) to develop your critique.

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