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Jun 14, 2023

Blockchain technology has gotten a lot of attention around the world because it has the potential to change how supply chains are managed and how sustainable goals are met. The few ongoing uses of blockchain, such as in the food, healthcare, and logistics supply chains, have shown how much promise it still has. Improvements in speed, transparency, traceability, and savings of billions of dollars for companies could help with supply chain and sustainability problems, (Kouhizadeh et al., 2021).

A study conducted by (Okorie & Russell, 2022) found that emerging digital technologies, such as blockchain technologies (BCT), are said to provide traceability, openness, and scalability, which, if used in Food Supply Chains (FSCs), could help solve many of problems that arise. In the manufacturing industry, it is believed that blockchain technology can make supply lines more transparent, efficient, and sustainable, which the authors discovered. Blockchain tracks supply chain movement. This reduces fraud and other misbehavior. Sharing information with production chain partners using blockchain can boost productivity and reduce costs, (Xu et al., 2023).

It is known that blockchain can help promote traceability, sustainability, and efficiency in the supply chain. But there is still room for improvement in the blockchain technology. Such as the absence of consensus mechanisms for blockchain systems, the hefty price tag associated with using blockchain technology, and the necessity for a competent labor force in the blockchain industry, (Xu et al., 2023). One of the biggest obstacles to the widespread use of blockchain in Malaysia is a shortage of qualified workers.

This is due to the fact that blockchain technology is difficult to install and utilize without specific training, (Ariffin & Sulaiman, 2022). The authors added that the lack of competent trainers, prohibitive training costs, and employees’ limited availability are all obstacles to effectively training the workforce on blockchain technology. According to (Kayikci et al., 2022), a lack of knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology is a major impediment to its widespread implementation in Malaysian organizations.

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