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May 08, 2023
  1. The Assignment:Summarize the attached article, in your own words, by answering the three questions listed below. Each question should have an answer that has a minimum of 7 sentences. Please make sure you read the statement on Plagiarism. Also, do not copy and paste the article – that is plagiarism.1.  What is the main focus of the article?2.  What are three strategies that are discussed in the article?3.  How will you implement the strategies/ideas (from the article) when working with children?Grading Criteria20 points – Three paragraphs are included, each paragraph has a minimum of seven sentences20 points – First paragraph summarizes the main focus of the article30 points – Second paragraph summarizes three strategies from the article20 points – Third paragraph gives specific strategies/ideas you will use when working with young children.10 points – correct grammar and spelling are used.ResourceSummarize this article from NAEYC’s Teaching Young Children journal, November 2015, Vol 70 No 5, “What Parents Have to Teach Us About Their Dual Language Children” by SARA MICHAEL-LUNA. SubmitCreate the summary in Word and attach the file to assignment link in Blackboard by clicking on Browse my Computer and attach file. This assignment is due by the assigned due date


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