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May 05, 2023
  • The completion of the checklists provides an opportunity from the outset to develop the Line Manager and the employee relationship. It also provides a positive environment in which to address and clarify role expectations and required performance level and constitutes a support mechanism. Each checklist includes a comprehensive list of topics that the new employee needs to be made familiar with and actions to be completed by the Line Manager.

    Paper copies should be produced in triplicate, one for the Line Manager, one for the employee’s personnel file, and one for the employee. Copies of all checklists should be placed on the employee’s personnel file. Both the Line Manager and employee sign the Departmental, Site, and Corporate Induction checklists to certify that all topics on each checklist have been adequately covered. The Site and Corporate Induction checklists should be signed by the Area Induction coordinator.

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