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May 23, 2023

Q1. The diagram shows a simple winch. The motor drives a small gear and the large gear rotates the drum and raises the load. The load is 4KN and it raised at 0.4 m/s. The system is 50 % efficient.


Task (1):

Calculating the following:

  1. The torque acting on the drum,
  2. the power produced by the load,
  3. the speed of the drum.

Task (2):
1. the power produced by the motor and
2. the speed of the motor.

Task (3):
Explain the reason behind efficiency loss in the system and how to improve the system’s efficiency.

Q2. A visitor to a tall building wishes to determine the height of the building. He ties a spool of thread with a small object to make a simple Pendulum, which he hangs down the center of the building. The period of the oscillation is 11.20 sec.


  1. Determine the height of the building.
  2. Explain the relation between oscillation time to the height of the building.
  3. Determine the value of K if the mass of the object is 500 g. Explore the characteristics of the pendulum and its safety.

Q3. A 0.53 kg object is fixed with one horizontal spring end of the horizontal ideal spring and rests on a frictionless surface. The object is pulled so that the spring stretches by 2.8 cm relative to its unstrained length. When the block is released, its moves with an acceleration of 9.7 m/s2.

Task (1):
Calculate the potential energy in Kilo Joule(KJ).

Task (2):
Find the oscillation time and amplitude of the motion.

Task (3)
Brief the explanation about restoring force acting on this system. And explore the characteristics which affect the restoring force.

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