The Effect Of Planting System Types And Plant Growth Media On Tomato Seedlings: Industrial Statistics And Process Control Assignment, WIT, Ireland

DOE outline

The DOE title for your assignment is “The effect of planting system types and plant growth media on tomato seedlings”. Hydroponics and soil-based growth are different planting systems. As part of the DOE assignment, these planting systems must be tested using two types of plant growth media A and B.  The different plant growth media types are expected to have different influences on plant growth and it might also vary depending on which planting system is used. For this assignment, you must design an experiment to find out if this is true.

1. Design the experiment (conceptually) in a way that will allow you to determine the effect of the factor on the output response, run the experiment and gather the data appropriately.

In the design of the experiment take into account the following:

  • Sample size
  • Replication
  • Randomization
  • Independence
  • Previous results available, from the literature and/or lab work

2. State what your factor and factor levels would be, the type of data your factors and responses are and the type of data being used.

3. Describe the statistical tests you would perform in terms of (i) Null and Alternative Hypotheses and (ii) statistical test that you would propose to use. Please provide full justification around your choice of test.

4. Comment on the results of this experiment (using the statistical test results and residual analysis provided below). In particular, answer the following questions based on the information provided: (20%)

  • Does the factor affect the output response?
  • Do the assumptions, statistical and technical, seem reasonable for these data? Assess the residual analysis, if appropriate, to check the statistical assumptions.
  • Evaluate in light of the hypotheses made, significance, the p-value and model fit of the test.

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