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May 11, 2023

Did Shaw write a “good” ending for the play? Did he need the sequel? How would you have done things differently?
Summary: For this assignment, you will be asked to evaluate the ending of Shaw’s play and the sequel that follows. If you feel the play and the sequel ended as they should have, write a justification defending that. If, however, you find fault–or dissatisfaction–with either the ending of the play and/or the sequel, pretend you are a script doctor who has been brought in to rewrite either the ending of the play, its sequel, or both.


Submit your assignment as a Word file. Create a proper heading and include a descriptive title on the title line.

Directions: Reread the ending of the play and its sequel then choose one of the following:

Option 1: If you feel the play ended as it should have, write a justification of that. Aim for one paragraph treating the ending of the play itself and one for its sequel.

Option 2: If you feel the play should have ended differently, write one, with the aim of improving it. You may opt to do this in script format, especially if you envision a different ending of the play itself. Try to write an ending that will suffice in and off itself, as a prose sequel like the one Shaw wrote would never be included in a performance, only for those who read the play instead. Alternately, you may choose to write a prose description for the ending of the play, written in a similar fashion to Shaw’s sequel.
The approximate length for this option will vary, as it will depend on where you start in the narrative action of the play and whether you opt to write a scripted ending or a descriptive prose summary of the ending.

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