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May 08, 2023

The final writing assignment for class is a two part consideration of the film O Brother Where Art Thou. You may discuss your work with others in the class, but please write and submit your own version of this assignment.For the first part of the assignment, please write a two or three sentence descriiption that matches the following episodes from the Odyssey with episodes from O Brother Where Art Thou. Explain what scene they draw upon and what elements in the film let you know that this is connected to the specific episode from the Odyssey.The laundry women who turn Pete into a toad
Baptism of Pete and Delmar
The General Store (you can describe the store is two weeks from anywhere OR the store where he fights Vernon T. Waldrip)
George Babyface Nelson (O George Not the Livestock)
Big Dan Teague
For the second part of this writing assignment, please select one of the genre features of Ancient World films that we have discussed in over the course of the semester. Write a 200-300 word paragraph that describes this genre feature and offers specific examples from the films we have watched. Then write a second 200-300 word paragraph that describes how this genre convention appears or is transformed in O Brother Where Art Thou?. This paragraph should also provide specific examples from the film to support your descriiption.


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