The First Piece Of Analysis Should Involve Building A Multiple Regression Model. The Second Piece Of Analysis Should Use A Logistic Regression Model: Regression Model Analyses Assignment, UCD, Ireland

  • The first piece of analysis should involve building a multiple regression model.
  • The second piece of analysis should use a logistic regression model. In the case of each piece of analysis you should:
  1. State clearly the objectives of the analyses.
  2. Specify the number and levels of measurement of all independent/dependent variables in your analyses.
  3. Undertake and indicate the results of the preliminary test to check that the assumptions of the technique being used are not violated.
  4. Run the analysis in SPSS, R, or other software of your choice and present and discuss the output from your model.
  5. State the results of your findings in a manner consistent with reporting in research articles.

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