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May 31, 2023

The Future of Vehicle Power

Learning Outcome 1: Conduct the preliminary stages involved in the creation of an engineering research project

Learning Outcome 2: Produce a research project proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis

Learning Outcome 3: Discuss the key project objectives, the resulting goals and rationale

Learning Outcome 4: Analyse the project specification and identify any project risks

Learning Outcome 5: Produce a comprehensive project proposal that evaluates and justifies the rationale for the research


Completing a piece of research is an opportunity for students to showcase their intellect and talents. It integrates knowledge with different skills and abilities that may not have been assessed previously, which may include seeking out and reviewing original research papers, designing their own experimental work, solving problems as they arise, managing time, finding new ways of analysing and presenting data, and writing an extensive report. Research can always be a challenge but one that can be immensely fulfilling, an experience that goes beyond a mark or a grade but extends into long-lasting areas of personal and professional development.

This unit introduces students to the skills necessary to deliver a complex, independently conducted research project that fits within an engineering context. On successful completion of this unit students will be able to deliver a complex and independent research project in line with the original objectives, explain the critical thinking skills associated with solving engineering problems, consider multiple perspectives in reaching a balanced and conclusion, and communicate effectively a research project`s outcome. Therefore, students develop skills such as critical thinking, analysis, reasoning, interpretation, decision-making, information literacy, information and communication technology literacy, innovation, conflict resolution, creativity, collaboration, adaptability and written and oral communication.

The submission is in the form of a written research project. This should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 11. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections, as appropriate to a research project layout, and all the work must be supported with stated research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. The contents should consist of -

1. A distinctly structured engineering research project plan. This should be agreed with your tutor before embarking on the project report.

2. A completed logbook literature review of published material used, detailing your actions throughout the project.

3. The main body Research Project Report. The format of the report is the standard structure as discussed in the notes and in the body of the assignment brief.

4. A presentation to your tutor and peers using appropriate media. An electronic copy of your presentation should also be submitted.

5. A completed performance review which should be completed upon the research project`s completion.


The company you work for manufactures road going vehicles. You are employed in the research and development team. The company is in the process of developing the next generation of electric vehicles and you have been tasked with researching the latest developments. You have been given the opportunity of focusing on one of the following areas or a similar agreed proposal.
1. Normal/Rapid charging stations
2. Battery power and storage
3. Electric motors in electric vehicles
4. Industrial/urban transfer from petrol/diesel to electric vehicle regarding sales, usage and manufacture.
5. Disposal and recycling of redundant electric vehicles
6. Regeneration of battery energy using vehicle braking systems
7. An alternative eco-friendly energy source (other than petrol/diesel/electric) to power vehicles

Further to this, any other potential ideas surrounding alternative eco-friendly vehicles could be chosen via formative feedback. Your research needs to focus on how new technologies, production processes and materials can be utilised and integrated into the design process and how these potential developments would impact on current manufacturing processes, vehicle development and the environment.

· Your first task is to produce an initial project proposal summary of what you intend to research, identifying the resource requirements and estimation of time required to complete the project

· Your next task is to identify your key project objectives, what it is you are setting out to achieve and how you intend to achieve them, the resulting goals and rationale.

· Identify and justify your selection of the essential elements of the project specification and undertake a SWOT analysis and feasibility study to determine any potential risks associated with the project.

· For further study you would need to produce a comprehensive project proposal, based upon your initial research, which justifies the rationale for your research.

Research Project

Learning Outcome 1: Examine the analytical techniques used to work onall stages of the project and strategies required toovercome the challenges involved in a research project
Learning Outcome 2: Conduct a literature review of published material, either in hard copy or electronically, that is relevant to your research project
Learning Outcome 3: Examine appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research
Learning Outcome 4: Analyse the strategies used to overcome the challenges involved in the literature review stage

M3 Discuss merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis
D2 Critically analyse literature sources utilised, data analysis conducted and strategies to deal with challenges
LO3 Reflect on the impact the research experience could have in enhancing personal or group performance within an engineering context
P5 Reflect on the effectiveness and the impact the experience has had upon enhancing personal or group performance
M4 Evaluate the benefits from the findings of the research conducted
D3 Critically evaluate how the research experience enhances personal or group performance within an engineering context

You are now moving forward from the feedback that you have received from your initial studies to move on to the main project content. You have decided on the main aspect for this research project and will be asked to cover the following areas in detail based upon a meeting you had withmanagement and company director.

The outcome from this previous team meeting is to cover a set of bullet points as shown below to set out the important content and structure that the management team have decided as important key points you need to incorporate in the next stages of your project.The reason given is they would like to help you develop further up the ladder by monitoring your progress.

Content requirements

• You need to gain a core of information to use by conducting an information seeking literature review. Look through accredited scholars and researchers. Use both manual and computerized methods to identify and incorporate useful articles and books.

• Research and examine differing methods and approach you have used to ensure primary and secondary research techniques.

• Complete furthermore detailed and accurate analysis to showhow youdealt with theproblems you encountered in your literature review.

• As many issues can arise over time from long term progress in data collection and analysis. You are to discuss the positives, negatives and shortcomings that you encountered using different approaches to accruing your data.

• Critically analysis of the information sources you have used in research should be stated. Two different high-level techniques like data mining, text analytics, business intelligence or data visualization may be used for analysis and two other strategies you incorporated to overcome the obstacles you encountered.

• Show a detailed analysis by evaluating the positive aspects obtained from your findings regarding the research you carried out. Show how these aspects will contribute to the success and returns of your chosen topic and how this could contribute to future developments within your company.

• As the author of this research project plan is in important for you to take time to incorporate a reflective statement on how effective your findings were be to the success of the projects progress and how this has impacted the group. Undertake a critical evaluation to justify and evaluate what you and the group have gained from participating in this chosen research project.

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