The Future Of Work Is Evolving And Is Impacted By Many Variables. It’s An Evolving Landscape Of Work-From-Home Teams: HR And Management Assignment, DCU, Ireland

The future of work is evolving and is impacted by many variables. It’s an evolving landscape of work-from-home teams, in-office professionals, digital nomads, and flexible preferences. Many people in Ireland traded office life for remote work at the onset of the pandemic, and many now favor their WFH arrangements.

Yet an increasing number of remote employees are eager to return to the office, either on a full or part-time basis. These competing preferences have given rise to a new and evolving hybrid workforce. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to this new way of working. KPMG 2022 Questions Business Impact of Remote Working Describes the impact that Hybrid and Remote Working has had on businesses across the world and here in Ireland Labour Markets Workplace Culture Corporate Social Responsibility.

Societal Impact of Remote Working We know that global events such as the two World Wars not only change how we live and how we work but also our expectations for a different, perhaps better, life. When the proposed Right to Request Remote Working bill is introduced in Ireland, what impact will these changes have on businesses and society in general? How will HRM have changed, if indeed it does change?

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