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May 30, 2023
You need Paper Four’s three new quotes from The Great Gatsby, at least. Use quotes that help you to support your ideas about your argument in favor of your position and in opposition to your position. The quotes from the novel must be quotes that you have not used already in Papers One, Two, and Three.
And Paper Four’s two quotes from outside sources that help to explain or support your argumentation. You may choose any outside source listed in Modules, and certainly you may do your own research outside the Canvas course site to find information relevant to your argumentation. Democracy in America, by Tocqueville, questions the American dream. Martin Luther King uses the dream for inspiration for social change.
Total quotes for Paper Z: 16
5 from Paper Four, 6 from Paper Three, 3from Paper Two, 2 from Paper One
Total quotes for Paper Z: 16 quotes. You may want to add some quotes to the first three 5-PP segments as well as new quotes for the fourth 5-PP segment.
To start, please look at the Modules for sample student papers of Paper Four. These papers should look a lot like your Paper Z.
Brief statement of the assignment and how to organize your material
Create a thesis that has a claim, which may be argued pro and con about the American dream, and develop it at four levels:
First 5-PP segment at the informational level [using description with examples]
Second 5-PP segment at the analysis level [using cause and effects]
Third 5-PP segment at the analysis level [using comparison and contrast], and then
Fourth, 5-PP segment at the synthesis level [using argumentation].
Start by copying and pasting all of the body PPs that you wrote in Papers One-Four to develop a thesis about the American dream as it relates to the novel, The Great Gatsby. This proposition needs to be edited into your opening PP’s thesis and your closing PP’s conclusion.
In Modules about Paper Four you have articles about the dream as a positive ideal, but more likely in a negative light. Consider an overall opening thesis and overall closing conclusion that gets at the fact that, in the case of the novel, the dream is harmful. Your four segments can help to make that point. Keep in mind that your thesis/conclusion is about what Fitzgerald is doing, not what your own opinion is about the dream.
When you edit/write new organizational elements, add transitions, edit and proofread the entire new paper for the twelve 20-sentence body PPs from Papers One – Four, you will have completed a significant English 101 paper. Congratulations.
As always, please write to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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