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May 23, 2023

Adams’ novel pokes fun at real-life people groups. That is what social satire does.Choose three of the following characters, groups or places and identify the “real-world” group beingmocked or parodied. Explain your choices.ArthurZaphodThe Vogons The MiceDeep Thought/The PhilosophersMagratheaThis essay both compares and persuades. You are persuading your reader that Adams has deliberately chosen to mock a certain real life group through written caricature. In other words, a real-world group is alluded to or portrayed in an unflattering way in order to draw attention to its faults.He points out their flaws through exaggeration, creating outrageous and absurd characters to bring to mind similar behaviours seen in real people groups in society. It is your job to make a case about which group in the real-world he is mocking through symbolic representation in his novel.Be sure to identify at least two clear similarities between the novel character/group/place and the real-world counterpart. Provide ONLY examples from the novel (not the film, if they differ)Be very careful not to attempt to identify SPECIFIC people and say they are the EXACT ones Douglas Adams was seeking to mock. You will run into serious problems if you do this. Identify the group that individual represents and then perhaps later you can use them as a specific example.(ie) Zaphod: represents careless/ reckless world leaders”One modern example of such a leader would be recently deposed POTUS, Donald Trump.While Douglas Adams would not have known him at the time, the portrait he paints of the typical actions of careless world leaders matches this man perfectly. One specific example is.IMPORTANT NOTE: you must briefly justify/explain WHY he chooses to represent that particular group through mockery because that is the very essence of the parody form. Therefore, only show/emphasize portrayals that are negative or criticize groups, presumably for some purpose.Mentioning that the Vogons represents “real world bureaucracies “because both groups take their jobs seriously may be true but is pointless when trying to persuade readers that the author seeks to mock people and groups in the real world. Choose negative traits, not neutral—or worse—positive traits to compare.

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