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Jun 01, 2023
1: The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market
Source: Title: ” Susceptibility
of jobs to automation in Slovakia”. Author: Vitáloš, M. (2019). Topic
2: Ethical Considerations in Genetic Engineering
Source: Title: ” Gene editing in
the clinic: current and future perspectives”. Author: Hirakawa et al.,


3: The Rise of Renewable Energy and its Environmental Impacts
Source: Title: ” Renewable energy
for sustainable development in India: current status, future prospects,
challenges, employment, and investment opportunities”. Author: Majid, M. A.

Now that you have selected your topic (from week 2), you will need to begin to research your topic and gather as much information as possible for the topic.
For the final paper, you will need to have a minimum of 8 sources. When you begin to research your topic, you will come across a lot of information. For the midterm, create a document with a minimum of 8 sources you’ve found during your research. With each reference, document how you will use that source in your paper such as it relates to your topic, genre, or audience. This is not an annotated bibliography, but an overview of your research you have done thus far and how it will be used in your final paper.

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