The Level of Discipline Present in the American Military

The American military is literary the military force that guards and protects the borders of the United States. The military consists of the Army. Navy. Marine Corps and the Coast guards. The American society has a long histoiy of letting the citizenry control the military and that is why the President is the head of the forces. The United States Department of Defense which falls under the military is one that heads the operations of the military and is additionally headed by the Secretary of Defense. The American military is one of the best led and disciplined military units in the world and the paper seeks to support this notion. Clear focus. Discussion In order to Join the military. the qualifications are usually based on the factors mentioned below.

Age (minimum age of 17 With parental consent), Credit and Finances (should not be enlisted as bankrupt). Education (should have the basic educational standards). Drug/Alcohol Involvement (should not be addicted to alcohol and have clean drug records). Sexual Preference (after the passage of the gay rights it does not really matter but one should state his or her interests prior to joining). Height/Weight Standards (should have an average height of 60 inches and standard body fat). Applicants Married to Military Members (it does not matter but it would be a plus). Medical Physical (should have clean medical records). Citizenship (must be an American citizen whether by birth or registration). Criminal History (should have no criminal history that is considered serious) this is all interesting information.

But how does it prove that the US Militaiy is the best. This needs to be explained to readers. The American army has for half a century been hailed as the best and most disciplined in the world. Ths The American army is one of the best headed militaries in the world Since in the first instance it is headed by the president who happens to be a cIVilian. What makes being a ciwlian leader better than military? The military is one of the strongest forces in the country. and if not guarded well. it will search for other means of control, The American military is headed by the secretary of defense who is second»in-command to the president. and one of the key duties that he or she performs is to ensure that the whole army is in line.

Consequently. it would be in the best interest of the society to come out With ways and means of ensuring that they are protected. When the military actions are studied [it is seen] rephrase that the American military is headed by the virtue of respect. The serVIcemen respect the leaders who are in command since they are the ones who are tasked With guiding them. That is the sole reason as to why even in spite of the public opinion of the allegations that the militaiy is bossy. the servicemen always take their duties seriously and it is unheard of that a military man has absconded this Word means stolenrchoose another. from duty. This serves to prove that there is diligence among the servicemen and that there is a sense of responsibility adding to the presumption that the American army is one of the best led armies in the world.

You make a good case for respect being one of the reasons. but how does that make the US better than other countries? How does it compare With Britain or Canada? In spite of the long ranks and the number of people serving in the military who come from different ethnic backgrounds and the fact that they subdue This word means to overcome something or someone-choose another. to different religions. there are no incidents of bullying in the military. I want to believe this, but I find it hard because the military is made up of people from our own country and bullying happens in our country. I also have heard about severe violence against. and harassment of. female cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

I think the fact that people from different backgrounds can serve together is great. and it does happen. but not without the same struggles We see even/where. The other key reason as to why it is stated that the American military is one of the best disciplined in the world is the fact that it is the only military unit in the world that has embraced the issue of homosexuality. This also has a history of problems. but it is better now. When compared to other military units in the world. it is the best kind of relationship that can be Witnessed in the SETVICES. The United States government has additionally allocated a high number of resources to enable the military leadership to be sound and sufficient. What kinds of resources?

When leading a military unit. one of the best things to note is that II has to be led With a person who is staunch and has good integrity Therefore. it means that the finances. although they act as a boost. are not the only thing that matters in joining the military. From the above mentioned literature. it is evident that the American army offers more than Just service. but also acts as an emblem of showing how an organization should be headed. Therefore. these factors serve to show that it is one of the best disciplined units in the world and also one of the best headed units across the globe.

How do we know it is the best disciplined? What examples can you give? Counter arguing objections On the other hand. critics argue that the American military lacks adequate leadership and also lacks overall good discipline. They say that the American military unit has been given the utmost freedom and therefore. there is a lot of indisCIpline gomg on. They Cite that the military is not headed by the strict rules that have been used during the civil war and that is why there is no adequate respect. In addition. they argue that the servicemen are not well led since they are forced to take part in wars which do not involve them. for example. in the war in Iraq.

However. whichever the stand a person takes, the American military has diligently served its citizens, Obiections to this notion is the fact that the military is disciplined and that is why it has withstood the test of time and has been ranked the best disciplined in the world tor more than 50 years after the civil war. In conclusion, the American military is one at the best led in the world and that is why it is accorded respect across the globe and many individuals would like to offer their services. That is why it should be in the best interests of both the ciVIlians and the government to ensure that the military men are well taken care of and respected. You have brought up some interesting issues here, and I do believe our military is the best in the world, but the essay needs specific facts in order to be more convmcing. The paper would be stronger With more scholarly sources.

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