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Apr 13, 2023 The only constant for organizations these days is changing. Organizations have just navigated their way through the recent pandemic, Brexit, and are now faced with a challenging business environment, with a huge number of uncertainties. The only way for organizations to survive is to constantly change and adapt. Taking an organization of your choice, you have been assigned the task of acting as a management consultant to devise a 5-year plan to guide your client’s organization through these turbulent times. This should be presented in the form of a consultancy report. When planning out your report you should identify the organization’s purpose or mission and conduct an in-depth analysis of its current situation before providing recommendations for the future. Specifically, you should: Identify the organization’s purpose or mission and assess how well the firm is achieving its purpose at present. Identify the key challenges for the organization- this can be done by conducting an external and internal environment. Based on your analysis, identify at least three objectives or goals the organization should pursue to better support its purpose, and prepare a plan of action. Outline the implementation plan: you might consider factors such as the current organizational structure in terms of configuration and structure, and recommend appropriate changes, if necessary to achieve the new objectives/goals of the organization; in light of your recommendations, are there any key staffing changes that need to be made?; explain the types of controls that need to be put in place in order to achieve the objectives, and; outline the resources that are needed to achieve this plan.
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