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May 23, 2023

Read the following:

Ethics: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Ethical Perspectives in 21st Century Health Care (link below)
Ethics: Ethics in Healthcare Organizations: Struggling with New Questions (link below)

One goal of any healthcare organization is to improve the quality of care delivered. Today, the lines are becoming blurred between organizational efforts and scientific, clinic-based efforts resulting in new ethical questions for healthcare leaders. Furthermore, healthcare reform efforts are reshaping the ethical responsibilities of healthcare professionals. In philosophy, the social contract provides that individuals submit to a governing authority in exchange for protection and social order. Some argue that the Affordable Care Act has modified the social contract by elevating health care from a privilege to a right. After reading the articles, prepare an analysis of the ethical dilemmas raised in the efforts to improve the quality of care along with the ethical implications of the Affordable Care Act. In your analysis, address the following questions:

Identify the ethical issues surrounding the checklist developed by researchers at John Hopkins University.

How do healthcare leaders determine whether a quality improvement effort reaches the level to be considered research? Why is this differentiation important?

How has the Affordable Care Act raised new ethical questions for healthcare professionals?
How do you apply the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (or any reform effort) with your role as a healthcare leader in addressing injustice in how healthcare is delivered?
You must follow the guidelines below when submitting your assignment:
Typed in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12pt. font size, 1″ margins, Times New Roman or Arial font type
Two (2) pages, but no more than four (4) pages
Must include the word count, excluding quotes from references, and the Grammarly Performance Score.
A minimum of at least three (3) peer review references; two of the peer review references may be the articles by Jeanne Merkle Sorrell.
Comply with the cited in APA 7th edition format for this assignment.

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