The Purpose Of The Dissertation Is To Deepen Your Knowledge In The Area: Early Childhood Teaching And Learning Dissertation, MU, Ireland

The purpose of the dissertation is to deepen your knowledge in the area of Early Years Education, and through research, develop your capacity as a reflective, critical practitioner. You may do research on any related topic which interests you and is acceptable to your Module Lecturer on presentation/submission of your research proposal. Ensure that your topic is manageable in the timeframe available to you. For Dissertation timeline see Appendix A. You may find it useful to engage in some preliminary reading of relevant literature to help you to locate your topic in a context that encompasses research and theory as well as practice.


Each Student will be allocated an academic Supervisor. Supervisors are appointed on the basis of expertise and availability. The role of the Supervisor is to guide and support the Student in successfully completing his or her dissertation. Communication between Students and Supervisors should be through Maynooth University email.

Students should take responsibility for following all guidance in relation to compiling and completing their dissertation. Particular attention should be paid to issues of ethics, plagiarism and referencing. Supervisors are not required to edit dissertation work.

It is the responsibility of the Student to ensure that the standard of the dissertation is of sufficient quality to pass. Ultimately, the responsibility for the dissertation lies with the Student and while the Supervisor will offer advice and suggestions, the Student is not obliged to comply with these.

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