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May 08, 2023
  1. The same historical soil has often produced divergent views of the world, including the Bible and the Christian tradition. Choose one such divergence from Unit 3 (avoiding previous class work); describe the contrasting viewpoints of the individuals you depict and describe how they came to their conclusions. Students should use direct quotes, paraphrase, and summary of class materials to provide evidence for their claims.( Please use world wars as the main comparison of this essay. also use the “barmen declaration” and ” The Perils of indifference” as sources in this essay)Suggested Structure*Part 1: Introduce the topic. Include information from the assigned reading, lecture, and/or vocabulary for that day (=I will be looking for at least 5-7 substantive facts or statements directly pertaining to this information).Part 2: Construct your argument using evidence from class readings and any other research you may have done (be sure to cite your sources!).Part 3: Offer your personal insights and responses.*This structure is only a suggestion; students may follow this structure and still earn a lower grade; students may depart from this structure and still earn full marks.


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