The Stiff Competition In The Business Environment Today Requires Marketers: Food Packaging And Consumer Buying Perception Assignment, GMIT, Ireland


The stiff competition in the business environment today requires marketers to fully understand the factors that influence consumer behaviour. Packaging is one of the important factors influencing consumer buying decisions and encompasses almost every product category- from FMCG, food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and personal care. It is now crucial to understand more about the packaging attributes that best influences the consumer and to also understand more about how consumers perceive and respond to changes in product packaging.

This paper is aimed at examining the impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour while purchasing FMCG products. The paper relies heavily on textbooks, magazines, newspapers, journals, internet and other relevant materials as sources of data. Based on the extant literature it was found that packaging elements represent a good means of marketing communications and helps to attract the consumers’ attention. The paper also recommends that retailers and marketers should invest on research to understand the packaging attributes that their consumers would be more interested in so as to meet their preference.

Title: The influence of a food packaging design on consumers buying decision

Objective: Does food packaging have an effect on the buying decision of consumers?

If so, what are the main points they look at within a packaging- is it the material, is it the labelling, is it the design (colour, writing template, declaration? If not, where are the area of buying power ?


  • History of Packaging
  • Why has packaging been a need more and technology advances
  • How has food been marketed over year.
  • Marketing and Role of Packaging
  • Consumers and how they perceive what packaging is in this day and age.

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