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May 13, 2023

Globalization simply means assimilation in the world- its people, cultures, politics and whole economies. It connects the planet and outcome is the expansion of global cultural, financial, and political activities. It was hastened in 19th century when Industrial Revolution came and companies started to use raw materials from distant territories and have market in other countries.  Britain’s colony in India, for instance, supplied cotton to British merchants and traders. Madras, a light cotton cloth, was made in the city of Madras (now called Chennai), a major port in India.  Globalization has six major characteristics: economic development, democracy, cultural enrichment, political and cultural norms, information, and internationalization of the rule of law.  Though the term globalization is controversial, many favor it in terms of its benefits like improved communication, quick response to a natural calamity, highly developed medicines etc. But few are against it too. Globalization is a complex subject so it is required to weigh up the pros and cons before sketching the conclusion.

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