They Are Part Of A Suite Of Guidelines Produced By The National Council For Curriculum And Assessment With A Focus On Special Educational Needs: Mathematics Essay, MU, Ireland

They are part of a suite of guidelines produced by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment with a focus on special educational needs. Each set of guidelines corresponds to an area of experience of the Junior Cycle curriculum and offers exemplars of good classroom practice in support of the knowledge and skills associated with that area of experience.

These guidelines are is designed to support the teacher of Mathematical Studies and Applications for students with special educational needs, within the context of a whole-school plan.

In addition to the guidelines presented here, similar materials have been prepared for teachers working with students accessing the Primary School
Curriculum. Continuity and progression are important features of the educational experience of all students, but they are particularly important for students with special educational needs. Therefore, all the exemplars presented here include a reference to opportunities for prior learning in the Primary School Curriculum.

The exemplars have been prepared to show how students with mild general learning disabilities can access the curriculum through differentiated approaches and methodologies. It is hoped that these exemplars will enable teachers to provide further access to the other areas of the curriculum. A range of assessment strategies is identified in order to ensure that students can receive meaningful feedback and experience success in learning.

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