This document focuses on the SE midlands town region, an area incorporating: Strategic Spatial Vision Planning Coursework, NU, UK


This document focuses on the SE midlands town region, an area incorporating Luton, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. The region incorporates four rapidly expanding towns north of London which are the subject of growing logistics, warehousing and knowledge economies. The purpose of the report is to review an existing strategic development within the region and to suggest alternative policies that are more in line with the Strategic Spacial Development Vision 2018-68 (Assignment 1): that the region remains a highly competitive well into the future.

2.1 Aims
2.1.1 The aims of this report are to:

  • Critically review a strategic development plan and assess its potential to deliver the strategy of keeping the SE midlands a competitive place.
  • Put forward alternative policies and proposals that would better deliver this strategy.
  • Select one proposal and clearly set out a policy that would deliver the objectives of the proposal including a discussion/explanation.
  • Identify what actions and which stakeholders would be involved in successfully delivering the policy.

2.2 Method
2.2.1 As there are no strategic documents covering the whole town region, it has been necessary to focus on a planning document covering just one area of North Northamptonshire.
2.2.2 Part 1 of the report is a critical review of policies in the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy likely to have an impact on the aims of the Strategic Spacial Development vision – that the SE midlands remain a highly competitive place. Alternative proposals to some of the policies are suggested to align the document more closely with the vision.
2.2.3 Part 2 focuses in on just one proposal and presents a detailed policy to advance this aim, along with a specific set of actions to bring about its delivery.

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