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Oct 22, 2021

1. What is transformational leadership? Give examples of organizational situations that would call for transformational, transactional, or charismatic leadership.

2. How does Level 5 leadership differ from the concept of servant leadership? Do you believe anyone has the potential to become a Level 5 leader? Discuss.

3. Why do you think so little attention is given to followership compared to leadership in organizations? Discuss how the role of an effective follower is similar to the role of a leader.

4. Do you think leadership is more important or less important in todays flatter, team-based organizations?

Are some leadership styles better suited to such organizations as opposed to traditional hierarchical organizations? Explain.

5. Consider the leadership position of a senior partner in a law fi rm. What task, subordinate, and organizational factors might serve as substitutes for leadership in this situation?

6. Do you see yourself as having more leader qualities or manager qualities? Do you think you will become a better leader/manager by developing the characteristics you already have or by trying to develop the characteristics you dont have? Discuss.

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