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May 17, 2023
  1. MMU has recently set up to provide state-of-the-art research facilities in Computer Science. Apart from students and lecturers, it also includes many employees who work on different projects undertaken by the university.

    As the size and capacity of the university are increasing with time, it has been proposed to develop a Library Management System (LMS) for the benefit of students and employees of the university. LMS will enable the members to easily borrow a book (or return it) while sitting at their desks. The system also enables a member to extend the date of his borrowing if no other booking for that particular book has been made.

    For the library staff, this system aids them to handle day-to-day book transactions easily. The librarian, who has administrative privileges and complete control over the system, can enter a new record when a new book has been purchased or remove a record if any book is taken off the shelf. Any non-member can use this system to browse/search books online. However, issuing or returning books is restricted to only valid users (members) of LMS.

    The final deliverable would be a web application (using the recent HTML 5), which should run only within the university LAN. Although this reduces the security risk of the software to a large extent, care should be taken that no confidential information (e.g., passwords) is stored in plain text.

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