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Mar 31, 2023

Unit Code & Title :- U21944 International Fraud And Corruption
Length :- 2,500 word (+/- 10%) – Report (50%)
Assessment Type : Assignment
The assessment for this module consists of TWO arte facts.  Please see the Moodle site for the deadlines for each arte fact.
U21944 International Fraud And Corruption Assignment – UK.

You are working for an organisation, it can be a public organisation or a private organisation, that aims to fight corruption, bribery, or money laundering. You are asked to produce a report that focuses on a particular issue that you think is prevalent at the moment. You are asked to critically discuss the causes and consequences of the phenomenon and suggest potential practices to mitigate the problem drawn from international initiatives that have focused on fighting corruption, bribery,or money laundering.

Your choice must be a different issue than the one you chose for Artefact 1 and, as with Artefact 1, your choice must draw from the lecture topics that the module has focused on, unless agreed otherwise with your Module Coordinator.

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