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Apr 10, 2023

Due date Refer to the UC Unit Outline for the current teaching period
Weighting 40%
Relevant chapters 1 à 6
Assessment format Report (.doc/.docx)
Length 2,500 words (10% allowable either way, does not include title page, table of contents, appendix and references)Specific requirements Include academic journals, papers,and books sourced from the library, course content and webinars, and additional media suggested in the webinars. Use Harvard or APA 7th edition style. Minimum of five academic or research references should be included.
UC9936 Globalisation And Business Analysis Assignment-Ducere Global Business School UK.

On successful completion of this assessment, students will be able to:
1.Clearly explain the concepts of globalization and the global economy
2.Identify and communicate the various opportunities and challenges that the global economy provides organisations of varying nature
3.Identify and interpret the global drivers of influence and the ways in which they affect business markets.

1. UC graduates are professional – use creativity, critical thinking, analysis and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems.
2. UC graduates are professional – employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills.
3. UC graduates are professional – display initiative and drive and use their organization skills to plan and manage the workload.
4. UC graduates are global citizens – make creative use of technology in their learning and professional lives.
5. UC graduates are global citizens – evaluate and adopt new technology
6. UC graduates are global citizens – reflect on their own practice, updating and adapting their knowledge and skills for continual professional and academic development.
7. UC graduates are global citizens – adapt to complexity, ambiguity and change by being flexible and keen to engage with new ideas

Prepare an analysis (2,500 words) of the global trends and globalization challenges for an organisation.

For this assignment, you will research and write an analysis on global trends and challenges for an organisation. This analysis assignment is divided into four parts noted below:
1.Definition of key terms and concepts
2.Discussion of how global trends will influence the drivers that make globalisation possible
3.Discussion of the key business activities of your chosen organization
4.Three challenges your chosen organization will face in its globalization plan

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