UMED8D-15-1 Economic Principles In A Contemporary Context,

Economic Principles in a Contemporary Context

The aim of this assignment is to explore your understanding of demand and supply and to provide the opportunity to apply theory in a essay format. We want you to try and demonstrate and explore understanding of the determinant factors of demand and supply for aluminium and how these factors might cause movements in the price of aluminium. We shall also be looking for you to develop your writing, critiquing, presentation and referencing skills.

Apply the ideas and concepts of demand and supply to answer the following task: Using demand and supply theory (including diagrams) and supportive evidence, examine the demand and supply forces which determine the price of aluminium and underlying factors that influence these.

Read the assignment brief carefully and attend the timetabled session to look at this coursework. Please submit your work as a Microsoft word document.

Assessment criteria
You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Showed evidence of understanding supply and demand models, using diagrams and schematic representations as appropriate
  2. Demonstrated the ability to apply this framework to explain movements in the price of aluminium
  3. Supported the analysis with the appropriate literature, data and statistics
  4. Demonstrated reflective use of relevant literature and correct citation
  5. Written clearly and concisely and not exceeded the word limit 1500 words

We advise using text books for supply and demand theory, but the assignment also requires you to search for relevant information. You could use popular search engines such as Google, your tutors will also show you how to make use of library search tools to help track down relevant literature. Formative feedback and support during the module

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