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Mar 31, 2023

Subject Code & Title : UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs
Assessment Weighting : 100% per cent of total module mark
Assignment Type : Individual
Word Count : 2000 Words +/- 10%
Assessment Instructions : The vehicle for assessment on this module comprises one element
UMKCQT-15-M Meeting Customer Needs Assignment – West England University UK.

Component A: Individual Report :–
Students will be expected to keep a journal throughout the course and record their experiences of the services they encounter (5 detailed descriptions are expected. Up to 500 words maximum per journal entry) from a services marketing and operations perspective. The journal is designed to help students to understand customer service
expectations, and why as consumers we are sometimes satisfied or dissatisfied with the service experience from a marketing and operational perspective.

By recording and analysing their experiences, particularly in reference to the theories, tools and techniques of services marketing and operations, students should begin to discover what is truly needed to deliver customer requirements. Students will apply relevant model and theory to the examples that they record. It is expected that the journal will include details, which reflect the nature of the taught content of the module and will be presented in a diary/reflective journal format.

The journal will be used to produce the Individual Report (2000 words excluding the journal) and will be submitted as an appendix to

If you do not submit the journal along with your individual report you will receive zero marks

Students will Choose TWO of the Service Encounters from the journal and provide suggested solutions to the problematic issues they have observed by applying a model/theory from the lecture series.

Students will be able to use their knowledge from the module to aid their analysis and to provide workable recommendations that will enhance the ability of the system or subsystem to meet service requirements.

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