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Mar 31, 2023

Subject Code & Title : UMKDFG-15-M Customer And International Market Analysis
Assessment Type : Assignment
Assessment Component: Component A & B
Assessment Weighting:
• Component A: 40%
• Component B: 60%
Assessment Instructions :
This module has two assessment components:
In order to pass this module, you need to achieve an average of 50% across the two assessment components AND achieve no less than 40% in either of the assessment components. Marks are recorded as percentages (a mark out of 100) and follow the usual conventions of rounding up and down.
UMKDFG-15-M Customer And International Market Analysis Assignment – West of England University UK.

Component A (40%) :
Component A is a group presentation activity (3-6 members) in which students undertake a critical review of the market audit and strategic analysis process utilising their experience of conducting a market audit and analysis on a product of their choice.The group presentation will include a Power point presentation and will be delivered in class.

By the end of your second Customer and International Market Analysis class you will be expected to have completed the following:-

1.Draw up a contract that lists the group members and contains full contact details, this is important as the contract is the formal record of who is in your group. You will find a skeleton outline of a ‘Group Contract’ in Appendix A of this document and on Blackboard.

2.Set out an agreed process and timetable of work, together with penalties and agreed actions if a member should not fulfil their part of the agreement. If problems develop within the group it is important that you discuss these with the module team as soon as possible. At the end the group should fill in a ‘Peer review Form’ as in Appendix B. One member of the group should be responsible for uploading the slides to Blackboard.

3.Decide upon an organisation/brand that will be the focus of your individual Assessment B task and get approval from the module leader that this is a suitable organisation/brand on which to base your work. See Appendix C for requesting and recording organisation/brand approval.(Please note your task for Assessment A is to critically review the Market Audit and Strategic Analysis Process and in order to do this you need to have experience of conducting an audit and analysis on a specific organisation/brand).

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