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May 19, 2023
Your final project on branding consists of three elements: a story, a 2D picture, and a 30-seconds video. The goal of the project is to create an effective pitch that can be used to ‘sell’ an artist to a record label, publishing company, music industry investor, publicist, agent, and manager. The artist can be yourself, or someone you represent.
Uncover Your Personal Brand starter considerations: Branding is a story – if a journalist is to write about you/your product, there ALREADY has to be a story in place. You provide it. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Mohamed Ali, Ghandi. These names immediately evoke a product, a sentiment, an experience. They can be applied to people other than yourself OR you as an artist.
The Story should be interesting and address the strengths, passions and the uniqueness of the person. It can include some biographical data and the person’s inspirations for what he/she does. It can also include a description of a specific project the person is involved with. Choose the descriptive words carefully and aim to embody in them the essence of the person’s craft. A short and poignant anecdote can also add interest to the pitch. If writing about a well-known person, focus on how you’d like to see their career move forward in the next 3 years, i.e. brand their next step.
Uncover Your Personal Brand starter questions:
• What are my biggest strengths?
• Where are my passion areas?
• What makes me unique?
• Who is my audience for who I am?
• How do I reach them and remain consistent in my engagement?
It should be submitted as paper, 5 pages minimum (or 1,250 words double-spaced) in .pdf format.
If using citations, the referenced material needs to follow this format:
Moorfield, Virgil. The Producer as Composer. MIT Press. Cambridge, MA 2005.
The 2D picture does not necessarily have to be the picture of the person you’re writing about. It can be places and objects too. It should be submitted in .jpg or .png format.
For the 30-seconds video please provide a link with clearly marked in and out points if excerpting from a larger file (from-and-to). The video needs to further the ideas in the story. It can have sound or be silent (a YouTube music video, your own 30 sec smart phone shoot, film clip, etc.). After experiencing these three things, the reader should have a good idea what this person is about and be “enrolled”, i.e. supportive of the person’s project and/or cause. It should be submitted in .mov or .mp4 format.
Be creative! Remember, you are the one coming up with the branding story first. The media will follow your lead.
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