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Jan 13, 2022

Your organization must have a solid strategic plan that everyone can follow. This helps keep all of you on the same page and accountable for your actions.

The strategic plan is not all about what happens when something bad happens but also covers how best to protect those who are put into our care through promoting independence, dignity, health, etc. Maintaining these essential levels of care is vital to the organization and everyone associated with it.

Protecting your residents from both physical and emotional harm is a must which means you will need something in place that covers this for various scenarios. Having an incident procedure helps to ensure nothing like this happens and if it does, there are protocols in place to follow.

There are some common procedures covered more in-depth on this site such as first aid training and restraint that you must follow. You also need to know where various alarms and equipment such as panic buttons etc. are located so you can access them quickly if necessary.

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