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Jan 13, 2022

It is always important to follow the rules, for your own good and that of other people in a service. Failure can result in very negative things happening like an unsafe working environment which will have great effects on all those involved-including you! So make sure there are systems put into place when operating legally as this ensures compliance with regulations at every step possible.

Better quality care is provided when the staff understands how to deal with certain situations. Having a common language, environment, and procedure help create a safer, more comfortable living space for your residents. This section covers how to apply legislation to different aspects of your role in order to provide a better service overall.

Legislation And Statutory Frameworks

Legislation must be followed at all times as it helps to protect the people you work with from those who might want to hurt them. Consent is an important part of this as well as understanding what authority figures have the right to do certain things versus those that dont. Being a good leader also requires that you take into consideration your end-users and let them be heard when it comes to the direction of your organization.

There are examples of legislation in this section that cover the elderly, children, people with learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries. This covers areas like education for young disabled students or adult training which is required if you are offering care to adults under 65 years of age.

Effects Of Legislation And Policy On Practice

If your organization is not in compliance with various legislation, you can risk losing government funding, fines, and even imprisonment. These rules must be followed at all times to avoid any issues. There are many rules and regulations you must abide by as a care provider such as time spent with people, training processes, facilities used, and others.

Understanding the requirements of legislation that ensure safety and quality in adult care provision helps everyone achieve their goals without breaking any rules or violating anyones rights. Compliance officers make sure that everything is up to date with laws set out by The Care Quality Commission for England which is updated regularly.

Drawing Attention To Potential Conflicts

As a leader, you may face different scenarios that leave you in a tough place. You may have to make decisions that you feel are hard on some people but the situation leaves you little choice. This can be very hard as a leader as you have to make the correct decision which might be tough for some people.

For example, maybe during your military career, your platoon was ambushed and many of them were killed. You had no choice but to proceed with the mission even though most of those who were alive voiced their disapproval out of fear. This can be an example of a conflict that you will have to face as a leader.

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