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Jan 13, 2022

In order to ensure that everything is being done efficiently, every individual who works within your organization must be aware of his or her role in the process. This isnt always easy especially when you have a larger team because it can sometimes be difficult to communicate with everyone; however, giving them a breakdown of specific responsibilities will make this process much easier.

The CQC is also convinced that its essential for the counselor and the counselor to understand exactly what they should expect from each other. It may seem like a lot of information, but after reviewing everything in detail, youll notice that this is actually the biggest component of the entire process; in fact, it makes up about 70% of your inspection.

So what areas should be focused on when preparing for the assessment? Each inspector holds an extensive report with everything they need to know, but there are certain aspects that will take precedence over others. Although these things arent listed in order of importance, its essential for you to understand all of them because your organization can be rated poorly if you fail to provide an aspect that is deemed vital.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Key People

it is important to you to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of the key people.

The inspectors are primarily concerned with the roles and responsibilities of the chaplaincy team, management team, nurse, registered manager/counselor, administrative staff member, first aider, care worker, coder, care coordinator, social work manager, another health professional (for example physiotherapist) and volunteers.

During the inspection, the CQC will be checking a number of different things including training, skills, and qualifications as well as first aid compliance. If you have any questions about this, its essential that you clarify them before going into an inspection because failing to comply can result in your organization being placed on special measures or even closed down.

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