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Nov 25, 2021

This is ask is to demonstrate your understanding of a collaborative workplace and how as a graduate registered nurse your behaviors could facilitate this environment. Remember the question is the perspective from graduate registered nurse not as just registered nurse. All research articles need to be related to graduate registered nurse. Articles need to be evidenced based no older than 7 years. It has to be the article which talks about the Australian graduate nurses. Online books, online journals are not acceptable. APA7 referencing style, In in-text citation exact page number is required. If there is not exact page number reference is not valued ( as per nursing assessment requirement)

This written essay requires an introduction and a conclusion (~100 words each) and must be written as an academic paper with reference to high quality literature.

Address all parts of the task below.

  • Critically discuss the positive effect of working within a collaborative team for the graduate registered nurse during their early transition to practice experience i.e. first 6months of practice (400words)

Define what is collaborative team from the position of graduate register nurse. Define transition of practice. Positive aspects of graduate nurse working in the team collaboratively. The key aspects of collaborative team that is going to be helpful. Why it is positive effect and how positive effect of working within a collaborative team is possible.

  • Explain how conflict between collaborative team members and the graduate registered nurse where there are misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the spoken word can occur. (300words)

Here conflict is misunderstanding and misinterpretation. It is a difference of opinion, difference of prospective. How does conflict between collaborative team members (multidisciplinary team) occurs. How does conflict occurs between multidisciplinary team and graduate register nurse. 

  • Describe and justify 3 strategies that the graduate registered nurse could proactively use to reduce the potential for conflict in the clinical setting. (300 words)
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