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Dec 11, 2021

Purpose of the assignment

Safeguarding Health Social Care is essential for all learners to understand the different types of abuse that can occur within the community, the signs of abuse and factors that can contribute towards individuals being vulnerable. You will identify all the legislation and policies that are in place and how professionals work within the guidelines and professional standards to safeguard both practitioners and users of health and social care services.

You will also study the strategies that are in place for all health and social care professionals to work together to minimise occurrences of abuse in health and social care contexts. You have an important role in protecting members of the public from harm even before, during and after it has happened.

Unit 10 Question

Task 1

1.2 Explains why particular individuals and groups may be vulnerable to abuse and/or harm to self and others. (Use the above case study and focus on client as well as staff).
1.2 Review risk factors which may lead to incidence of abuse and/or harm to self and others (Risk factors in relation to Contexts and relationships where abuse may occur: e.g home, community, residential care, caring relationships, within the family).
1.3 Analyse the impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuse and/or harm to self and others

Task 2

2.1 Analyze the strengths and weaknesses in current legislation and policy relating to those vulnerable to abuse.
2.1Explain how key professionals are involved in the protection of individuals and groups vulnerable to abuse.

Task 3


Your Manager has asked you to prepare a report. Your report will form part of the induction process on explianing to a group of new staff about the code of practices, responsibilitiesand the strategies in reducing abuse in health and socialcare.You can use the aboce case study as an example.

3.1 Explain two existing working practices and strategies designed to minimise abuse in health and social care contexts.
3.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of working practices and strategies used to minimise abuse in health and social care contexts
3.3 Discuss possible improvements to working practices and strategies to minimise abuse in health and social care contexts.

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