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Apr 27, 2023

Unit 11 Research Project - Pearson BTEC HND in Business

Assignment Theme: Transformation of the workplace

Assignment - What are the key considerations for building a roadmap to a modern workplace?

Introduction to theme

Workplace transformation is the rethinking of flexible workspaces to accommodate different kinds of work, workers, and technology. Driven by new technologies and increasing globalisation the workplace has been evolving rapidly to support these constant changes. The changes in technology, roles and competencies has provided countless opportunities for enhancement and change within organisations and as the world or work changes so does the workplace.

Deloitte in their report entitled ` Workplace transformation in the digital age` identified four dimensions of the workplace ecosystem that needed to be considered in any workplace transformation strategy:
? space, relating to the design of office buildings and space;
? place, relating to how the workforce is spread across different locations;
? technology and the requirements needed for employees to carry out their roles and collaborate;
? talent relating to organisational structure and culture.

In the wake of the recent global pandemic all these dimensions of the workplace ecosystem are having to be reimagined. Many organisations already have had to refocus their workforce plan to ensure a fully remote workforce has the capabilities and technologies available to continue employee connectivity, engagement, and productivity. Navigating this new way of work is crucial to support business operations and far-reaching implications for the future.

Scenario and activity
You are working as a business consultant for in organisation of your choice (and your own place of work if appropriate). The Board of Directors of your organisation have approached you to conduct research into a key area of business and you have been provided with a theme (Transformation of the workplace) which will be the focus of the research. In addition to giving possible areas of study indicated below, the Board of Directors has left it to you to decide what would be appropriate to investigate in this area of business and for you to choose the research topic.

The range of topics discussed could cover the following:
• The impact of the global pandemic on accelerating workplace transformation
• Why linking organizational and employee efficiency transformation is critical for to remain competitive

• Employee collaboration tools: How they are being deployed and how they are impacting productivity in sometimes surprising ways
• The Gig Economy: It`s real and redefining the nature of employment and employees
• How remote workers are surpassing their peers in the office in both job-satisfaction and productivity and how workplaces are using these insights to transform operations
• The challenges faced by organizations when embarking on workplace transformation initiatives and how the right strategy, funding, and support of management can result in an increase in product and services innovation as well as a long-term competitive edge

Once you have identified your research topic and objectives you will conduct literature review (secondary research), develop a project proposal for researching the research objectives identified, carry out independent primary research and write a report that provides valid and justified recommendations based on the analysis of the results of research. Finally, you should critically reflect on how you have conducted the project, the lessons learnt and alternatives you would consider in the future with recommendations for actions to be taken forward. This will be presented in the form of a research report.

You should identify a specific problem or issue related to the theme (Transformation of the workplace) and write a research proposal outlining the issues as a problem statement - identifying the research objectives necessary to address your research question. The research proposal should include a relevant literature review which supports and justifies your research objectives. If your proposal involves expenditure, you must supply a cost benefit evaluation to show what it costs and what management will get from it. This will form the basis of your research project.
When you have completed the research proposal, you should complete an ethics form and get this approved by your tutor.

You must carry out and conduct the whole research project yourself to show your independent enquiry and critical analysis throughout. You must submit as evidence project findings, research proposal and ethics form, and scanned copies of all research instruments (e.g., completed questionnaires, interview guide, etc.). Nothing should be included that is not referred to in the report.

If you use a questionnaire, the respondents should not be more than 20. You must attach all completed questionnaires in the Appendix. If you use interviews the respondents should not be more than 10, and the interview guide should be attached as an Appendix. If you fail to attach either the completed questionnaires or the interview guide, your submitted assignment will not be assessed and will be awarded a Referral grade.

What you must do

Part 1:
In developing your research proposal, you should examine alternative research methodologies. You should explore alternative methods and tools used for the collection of research data that consider costs, ethics and access in order to solve the problem identified in your organisation. You should also evaluate alternative research methodologies and data collection methods and justify choices made based on philosophical/theoretical frameworks.

Based on your chosen business research project, produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis, supported by a literature review. You should conduct literature in your research proposal. You should evaluate the merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection in compiling the research proposal.

The research proposal should be agreed with your tutor prior to undertaking any research. The research proposal and ethical forms should be agreed and completed and submitted prior to the collection of primary data. The research proposal will be presented at the end of Semester 3.

Part 2:
Based on your chosen business research project, conduct primary research using appropriate methods for a business research project. You should analyse the data from the research findings to communicate research outcomes in an appropriate manner for the intended audience. You should present the analysis of data utilising appropriate analytical techniques, charts and tables to meet the research aim and communicate outcomes.

You are required to communicate the research findings and outcomes, including justified recommendations in a manner that is appropriate to the Board of Directors of your chosen organisation.

As part of learning from the research project, reflect on the effectiveness of research methods you applied for meeting the objectives of your chosen business research project and consider alternative research methodologies and lessons learnt in view of the outcomes of your research project. Provide a critical reflection and insights and recommend actions for improvements in future research undertakings. You should demonstrate self-reflection and engagement in the resource process leading to recommended actions for future improvement. You should also demonstrate critical self-reflection and insight that results in recommended actions for improvements to inform future research.

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