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Dec 14, 2021

Purpose of this assignment

To enable learners to understand the concepts of website design and apply their own creativity in designing and developing interactive websites.


ABC-Taxi is a small independent company operating in a major city who offers taxi services with cheaper rates. The owner of the company wants to have a website so that more customers can be attracted and to get more business.

Requirements for Website from client:

  • Introduction of the company
  • Services provided by company
  • Online Booking
  • Feedback from Customers
  • Contact Detail
  • Help/support for Customer/Partners
  • Social Media Integration

You have recently been employed by the company as a Junior Web Designer. You have been asked to design a new interactive website for ABC-Taxi which should satisfy all the requirements given by client.

Your website should consist of a minimum of eight pages, with several pictures and videos showcasing the company services to prospective clients. Your website should also include a Feedback Form where clients can post comments.

Task 1

1 Explain following website design concepts that have to be considered when designing a website:

  • Website Users
  • Website Content
  • Website Functionality
  • Constraints affecting Website Development
  • Website Analysis and its importance
  • Accessibility
  • Website Design Principles (Functionality, Usability, Fit for Purpose, Objective, Visibility, Compliance with regulations and guidelines, Compatibility)
  • Discuss the strategy you will adopt to develop an interactive website for scenario. [AC1.1 & M1]

Task 2

1. Design an interactive website for ABC  Taxi to meet given requirements.

[Write purpose of website, scope and users. Provide Storyboards/mood boards and wireframes for website.] Learners are required to provide a short evaluation/comparison of design of ABC  Taxi website with major competitors web site. You should review the competitors website and generate recommendations on what can be improved in your design. Consider following to review competitors website:

  • Overall design (layout, graphics, fonts, etc.)
  • Usability (efficiency ,user friendliness and satisfaction) [AC2.1 & M2]

2. Evaluate the design which you have prepared for ABC Taxi in AC2.1 with other users/classmates.

Provide the evaluation from at least 2 users/classmates and it must consider following criteria: Overall Design (appropriate use of graphics, texts, heading, video, list etc.), accessibility, usability and functionality. Also take some recommendations for improvements. You are also required to produce PERT chart to demonstrate your time management skills. [AC2.2 & D2]

Task 3

Implement a fully-functional interactive website for ABC  Taxi based on prepared design consisting of at least eight linked pages using a range of tools. Your website must provide on-screen help to assist unfamiliar users. Learners are required to present their ABC Taxi website to their tutor and classmates. Learners need to produce a valid conclusion after critical evaluation of their own developed ABC Taxi website

Task 4

  • Use the testing techniques to test the ABC Taxi website and critically review it. [AC4.1]

  • Produce a report which must demonstrate the analysis of actual test results against expected results and present them in a tabular format. [AC4.2]

  • Provide recommendations and justify future enhancements in ABC Taxi website after evaluating the independent feedback. [AC4.3 & D3]

  • Create documentation for the support and maintenance of the ABC taxi  website.

Learning Outcomes

LO 1 Understand website design concepts

1.1 discuss the design concepts that have to be considered when designing a website

LO 2 Be able to design interactive websites

2.1 design an interactive website to meet given
2.2 evaluate website design with other users

LO 3 Be able to implement interactive websites

3.1 implement a fully-functional interactive website using a design specifications
3.2 prepare image files for output

LO 4 Be able to test interactive websites

4.1 critically review and test the website
4.2 analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies
4.3 evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements
4.4 create onscreen help to assist the users
4.5 create documentation for the support and maintenance of the website.

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