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This assignment consists of four tasks aimed at helping the learner understand the professional scope and practice of contemporary facilities management.

You have been appointed as a new facilities manager at the local independent boutique hotel based near Green Park in London. The hotel has been sold to another owner who wants to re-structure and refurbish the hotel to make it more appealing to the guests. The owner does not have a substantial hotel experience and you are required to advise him on the legal and statutory requirements in the UK as well as suggest a suitable administrative system as well as the quality standard benchmark.

Case Study

Although the tasks in this assignment are all based on the scenario provided above you need to support your discussion with relevant theories and concepts.

  • Provide a one-page summary of your chosen organisation as an introduction.
  • Avoid using cut and paste materials when writing and completing assignment.
  • Any scenario related materials can be attached in the appendix.

LO1 Understand the operational responsibilities of a facilities manager

1.1 Assess the responsibilities of the facilities manager for staff engaged in facilities operations
1.2 Discuss the responsibilities the facilities manager has for operational aspects of the building
1.3 Assess the responsibilities the facilities manager has towards customers using the facility
1.4 Discuss the impact on facilities operations of employers and/or funding agencies

LO2 Understand the legal, health, safety and environmental obligations to be addressed by facilities operations

2.1 Assess (from a country perspective) the statutory regulations that will affect facilities operations in an agreed context
2.2 Discuss the health, safety and environmental measures that must be implemented by a facilities manager in a given context
2.3 Discuss the documentation required to account for compliance with statutory regulations and health, safety and environmental measures

LO3 Be able to use a range of administrative systems to support facilities operations

3.1 Develop and deploy effective systems for processing information and maintaining communications
3.2 identify the control systems required for effective facilities operations within an agreed context
3.3 Discuss the systems needed by a facilities manager to support effective building management

LO 4 Be able to use appropriate criteria to carry out evaluation and review of the quality and effectiveness of the facilities

4.1 Establish appropriate criteria to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of facilities operations
4.2 Implement evaluation and review procedures to analyse the quality and effectiveness of facilities operations

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