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Jun 21, 2024

Topic 1: Assignment

For Topic 1 you need to write an essay to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning approaches used in education and training.

Within your essay, you need to:

  1. Describe features of inclusive teaching and learning and explain why it is important to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment.
  2. Compare the strengths and limitations of teaching and learning approaches used in your own area of specialism in relation to meeting individual Learner needs.
  3. Explain why it is important to select teaching and learning approaches, resources and assessment methods to meet individual Learner needs.
  4. Explain ways to engage and motivate Learners.
  5. Summarise ways to establish ground rules with Learners.
  6. Explain why it is important to provide opportunities for Learners to develop their English, mathematics, ICT and wider skills.

Topic 2: Practical Assessment (Microteach)

Devise an inclusive teaching and learning plan (see notes overleaf).

  • A brief description of the overall aim of the session, i.e. what will be the key topics of the session and what the Learners will be able to do as a result of the session (outcomes)
  • Venue details and timings (if known/appropriate)
  • Information about the composition of the group, i.e. number of Learners, any specific needs, any known information about prior experience or learning preference
  •  Equipment or resources required to deliver the session, e.g. flip charts and  pens, handouts, projector, computer, etc.
  • Timings for the session as a whole, i.e. 15 minutes plus timings for each component (activities) of the session
  • Description/details of the teaching and learning approaches to be used, e.g. paired activity, group work, discussion, demonstrations, presentation, etc.
  • Information to adapt the approaches if required, i.e. contingency
  • Learning resources needed to support the learning, e.g. handouts, props, activity cards, etc.
  • Assessment methods to be used – to check progress and learning – likely, for the microteach session, to be informal methods such as questioning, quizzes, discussions, etc.

The teaching and learning/session plan should be presented as a written or printed document and be completed in ink, not pencil, or electronically, see Appendix 2 for a blank Session plan.

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