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Dec 14, 2021

Context and Scenario:

Considering that you are recently appointed as the deputy to the human resource manager, you have been given 4 assignment tasks (refer to next page) to be carried out and present to the manager.  You will be, therefore, need to choose an organisation that you are familiar with, preferably a UK listed company, and analyse the human resource management strategy used by the organisation since 2010. You would need to examine how the organisation has overcome a variety of challenges during the successful implementation of their current human resource management Policy and strategy.  You are required to demonstrate that you have a good knowledge and understanding of personnel and human resource functions that are needed to recruit and retain capable and efficient staff and employees in an organisation. The course unit is also aimed at helping with the learners ability to plan, organise, and implement a range of approaches to improve the staff performance as well as the organisation in general.

You are required to fulfil the following four tasks in report format. Each answer must address the task, and provide an analysis supported by marketing theory. Total word limit is 3,500 words; your assignment should be at least 3,000 words in length.

Task 1

LO 1:

  • Based on your experience, explain the difference between personnel and human resource management and asses your role and responsibilities as a line manager
  • Analyse the organisational environment and discuss how it impacts the HRM function in your organisation. You need to consider the impacts of legal and regulatory framework of the country.

Task 2

LO 2:

  • Explain and asses the role of human resource planning in your organisation and discuss the stages of the planning process.
  • Analyse the recruitment and selection process in your chosen organisation and assess your contribution as a deputy to the Human Resource Manager

Task 3

LO 3:

  • Discuss how motivational theories help explain the level of staff motivation in your organisation and critically assess the link between motivational and reward. Explain how you would carry out job evaluation and determines pay.
  • Discuss how would assess the effectiveness of the reward system in the chosen organisation. Explain how employee performance monitored and measured in your organisation

Task 4

LO 4:

  • Discuss the causes of termination of employment with an organization and compare the exit procedures used in your and another similar organisation.
  • Evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory framework when arranging employment cessation or termination using your organisation as an example.

LO1. Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management

1.1 distinguish between personnel management and human resource management
1.2 assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes
1.3 evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource management
1.4 analyse the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on human resource management

L02. Understand how to recruit employees

2.1 analyse the reasons for human resource planning in organisations
2.2 outline the stages involved in planning human resource Requirements
2.3 compare the recruitment and selection process in two Organisations
2.4 evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in two organisations

LO3. Understand how to reward employees in order to motivate and retain them

3.1 assess the link between motivational theory and reward
3.2 evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay
3.3 assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different Contexts
3.4 examine the methods organisations use to monitor employee performance

LO4: Know the mechanisms for the cessation of employment

4.1 identify the reasons for cessation of employment with an organisation
4.2 describe the employment exit procedures used by two Organisations
4.3 consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements.

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