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Dec 14, 2021

Assignment scenario

Task One

You are the Manager of a team of Health care support workers and you need to present a team meeting. How will you invite your team members to the meeting, you also need to develop an agenda to discuss the various issues. Part of the meeting is to welcome the new members of staff and to discuss the implementation of a Performance Management Scheme. Detailing how the scheme will improve quality and the effectiveness of the objectives that are now being set by the organisation, discuss the set objectives. Develop three organisational objectives for discussion. Within your agenda detail the different Motivational rewards that you would like to introduce for enhancing performance.

Task two

As the department manager your new member of staff has completed their 6 month probationary period and you will have to conduct their review. The new staff member has a disability that you have to take into consideration for the purposes of communication.

Within this report you have to detail how you monitored and collected the details of their working practices giving feedback on this. As part of the review you will also set up a training plan detailing dates and times for the development of the member of staff to encourage and support their training progression as part of their personal professional development. This can be written as an essay report in parts, part one the discussion on the 6 month probationary, part two the feedback and training development, part three the training and time plan.

Unit 23 Employability Skill - HND Assignment

Task Three:

This is a formal report to senior management on the issues and problems that you have encountered on the implementation of the new performance management scheme what tools and methods were used to solve those problems. What strategies do you feel that we need to use or to put in place to endeavour to achieve the shared organisational goals and to help resolve any new problems that may face the organisation. Can you also state what was the impact on the residential care home of the implementation of the new changes and did it have any effect on the dynamics of the staff in relation to their performance.

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