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Dec 14, 2021

Assignment Task

Task 1 Workstation selection  Guideline 600 words

Leahurst are going to buy new computers for their staff. The term computer is taken in a broad context and can include anything from a smart phone to a full desktop system. Select and justify an appropriate computer for use by each of the following:

  1. An office based (desk based) secretary whose main job involves standard office applicationsand tasks such as word processing, spread sheets and databaseaccess.
  2. A Veterinary Surgeon whose job involves travelling around a significant part of the areaattending sick animals, usually on farms but also at the local zoo in Chester. They require standard office applications plus the ability to access the Leahurst office network remotely, possibly from places where there is no Wi-Fi or wired Ethernetconnection.

You must identify exact products to buy as well as generic specifications. Clearly show how these devices would meet the requirements above. Clearly show how each of the new computers would connect to an appropriate network to eventually reach the Leahurst office network.
This task covers assessment criteria 1.1, 2.1 and 2.3

Task 2 Required services  Guideline 500 words

Identify the key services that would be required on the local Leahurst network for staff to connect to it and use both local and Internet facilities. This should include local services provided by the Leahurst network and those provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Remember to include both user services (i.e. applications based services like e-mail) and background services (such as addressing services). Your answer should be specific to using Leahursts facilities. Generic discussions will score low marks.
This task covers assessment criterion 2.2

Task 3 Connection to Leahurst  Guideline 800 words

Identify and explain the key data communication standards and protocols that will be used during the Veterinary Surgeons communication with the Leahurst network from a remote location. You should consider all layers of the protocol stack and all connections that are used from their computer to the Leahurst network server. You should name each protocol that is used, starting from the application layer and briefly outline what this particular protocol does in this example. It is very important that your answer fits this example and is not just a generic description of the protocols. Your answer should be written about the actual protocols used and should be structured around the real world protocols and NOT the OSI model but should include the identification of which OSI layer each protocol operates at. Answers framed around the OSI model rather than the actual protocol stack used will score poorly. You may assume that there is a suitable 3G signal available at the remote site.
This task covers assessment criteria 1.2 and 1.3

Task 4 Evaluation - Guideline 500 words

Once the new system is installed, it will need to be evaluated to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the users. Focussing specifically on the Veterinary Surgeon, devise a ONE PAGE questionnaire that will gather appropriate user feedback. It is up to you to decide what information you should gather from the Veterinary Surgeon. They are very busy people and will not appreciate wasting time on things that are not relevant, so each question should include ONE SENTENCE to explain why the question is relevant.
This task covers assessment criterion 3.2

Task 5 Systems Setup Screen shots  Guideline 300 words plus screen shots

Provide a set of screen shots showing:

  • The setting up of an IP address on Windows or Linux or suitable alternative system,(this requires only ONE screen shot, of the actual dialogue box you fillin).
  • The results from a ping test to
  • The results of an Internet connection speed test, for example using

Each screen shot should be accompanied with a discussion of its meaning. Do not discuss the actual test performed in detail (for example, do not explain what ping does), rather focus on the actual results on the screen and what they tell you about your system. Each result should be explained in detail, including the meaning of any fields, columns or other data seen.
This task covers assessment criteria 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3

Task 6 Maintenance Schedule  Max 500 words

Produce a procedural document (i.e. a document that can be filled in as the maintenance is done) that outlines routing maintenance tasks that should be performed on your network. This should cover data backup, routine auditing and security checks. If you run the network (e.g. a home network) then these tasks should be done by you. If you do not run the network (e.g. a work based or public library network) then identify what the organisation running the network should be doing.
This task covers assessment criterion 4.5

Task 7 Remote Connection of Networks  Max 500 words

Leahurst need to connect to the main University Campus in Liverpool which is only 15 miles away but is the other side of the River Mersey. The University has similar (and compatible) networking facilities to those installed at Leahurst. Outline how the two networks could be connected to enhance the new, larger organisations operations. Concentrate on the networking technology needed to connect two similar networks that are this far apart.
This task covers assessment criteria 3.1 and 4.4

LO1 Understand networking principles

1.1 discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems types and topologies
1.2 evaluate the impact of current network technology, communication and standards
1.3 discuss how protocols enable the effective utilisation of different networking systems

LO2 Understand networking components

2.1 discuss the role of software and hardware components
2.2 discuss server types and selection requirement
2.3 discuss the inter-dependence of workstation hardware with network components

LO3 Be able to design networked systems

3.1 design a networked system to meet a given specification
3.2 evaluate the design and analyse user feedback

LO4 Be able to implement and support networked systems

4.1 implement a networked system based on a prepared design
4.2 test the network system to meet user requirements
4.3 document and analyse test results against expected results
4.4 recommend potential enhancements for the networked systems
4.5 design a maintenance schedule to support the networked system

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