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Dec 11, 2021

Assignment Scenario

You are working as a network server engineer. You have been assigned a new project to design, implement and support the network of a financial company which was established in 2014 in London. The company is planning to use 60 client computers, two servers and four network printers, so that they can meet the company requirements. They should have a capability of sharing printer, file and other network resources including remote access services for employees wishing to access documents remotely. The company data should be treated on high level of security in terms of confidentiality and availability. So, all the machines within the network should be up-to-date with the new patches and service pack and latest security patches to avoid any security related issues. The company is also forecasting an expansion in the foreseeable future and hence you have to put in mind the capability to expand the network when needed (Scalability).

The IT manager of the company has decided to use a private IP address in the Range of to be distributed on all the network devices including the servers, workstations and printers. The network manager has specifically asked for the following criteria to be fulfilled (Software availability, Scalability, maintainability and Technical support).

BTEC Unit 27 Network Operating Systems Assignment, Assignment Help UK

Task 1

1.1 Identify and explain the different types of operating systems available in the market including:

1.1.1 Identify the required network services for the above scenario.
1.1.2 Recommend a network operating system for the above company.
1.1.3 Justify your choice of operating system (in terms of security, maintainability, software availability, etc) and required services.

1.2 Business continuity and disaster recovery are crucial for any organisation.

1.2.1 What do you understand by the term disaster recovery, discuss the benefits of implementing an effective disaster recover strategy?
1.2.2 Explain different types of backup options, devices and available alternatives?
1.2.3 Explain RAID options in relation to availability.

1.3 Critically compare a selection of current NOSs in use

Task 2

2.1 Prepare a detailed plan for the implementation of NOS with the following information:

2.1.1 Server hardware requirement, including (Memory, Processors, hard disk Drives etc...), your hardware configuration must be compatible to the Operating System you have chosen.
2.1.2 IP address for all the servers and workstations, you should decide to use a DHCP or otherwise, including the CLASS and range of IP Address.
2.1.3 Explain what do you understand by the term Security policies including (password management, patch management, access rights and permissions on network resources etc.)

2.2 Evaluate and justify you plan to show that all the company requirements fulfilled?

Task 3

3.1 Install the selected NOS, required services, patches and updates. Including a step by step installation process document (Show the screenshots of the installation process).
3.2 Configure security policy such as password policy, access rights and permissions for the different groups and users.
3.3  Analyse your proposed network giving some recommendation to enhance the network performance and availability.

Task 4

4.1 There are many tools available in the market to monitor the network, identify and use one of the tools to produce a performance monitoring report.
4.2 Produce Baseline Security Report, including (Patches & Security updates, Windows vulnerability, Weak password, etc.) for the client network.
4.3 Justify performance optimization and update to NOS.

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