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Dec 11, 2021

Purpose of assignment

ThisUnit 3 Customer Service Assignmentenables learners to gain an understanding of customer service policies and the purpose of promoting a customer-focused culture and to gain skills to provide customer service.

Task 1: Researching Hotel Customer Service Policies


Go out and obtain Customer Service Policies from a Global Hotel Chain and find reasons why the hotel has these policies.

discusses reasons for using customer service policies (AC1.1)
discusses the purpose of evaluating a customer service (AC1.2 part)
and indicates how this can assist future staff training and development (AC1.2 part)

Task 2 Group Work: Poster

Produce aposterwith notesevaluatingthe different communication methods anddemonstratehow they are used for best effect; andanalysehow customer perception is influenced by customer service delivery(AC2.1; AC2.2)

Task 3: Individual Report Writing


You have applied for a position as a manager in a hospitality organisation (hotel, pubs, restaurant etc), you have been invited for interview and as part of theselection process you have to produce report showing the investigation carried on customer service requirement and expectation in the organisation. You are expected to conduct research to investigate customer requirement and expectation.

Assess sources of information on customer requirements such as information through customers, staffs, management, customer records and past information) and satisfaction levels (AC3.2)
Carry out research using customer requirements and satisfaction levels for the organisation and suggesting potential improvements based on the outcome of the research (AC3.2)

Task 4 Role Play/Observation


Assuming you have just been employed and trained to work in a Fast Food company and your supervisor has been asked by the manager to assess your customer service skills and you have been asked to demonstrate how to deliver good customer service. (4.1)
Afterwards, in not less than 300-500words or more review own performance during the role play stating what you feel you need to improve and make constructive recommendations(4.2/D2)

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