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Dec 19, 2021

Purpose of this assignment

To provide learners with an understanding of computer games development as an underpinning technological concept in the fields of computer gaming and systems development.


The aim of this project is to design, develop and evaluate a 2D game using Unity Software for PC. You need to design a game  Bounce a Ball and fully develop the game. This game is entertainment game and helps to improve concentration skills.

Your game should meet the following requirements:

  • Only one player can play the game.
  • You should choose a design and develop the game that fully reflects the type of game

Following are the things that you need to consider when designing and developing:

  • Background: Use the suitable background. Develop your own using Photoshop skills & imagination or get it from internet but make sure the image should be copyright free.
  • Sprites: Develop you own using Photoshop skills & imagination or get it from internet but make sure the image should be copyright free.
  • Programming Language: Could use any programming language like JavaScript, C# ,Java etc according to your programming skills.
  • Level:Minimum one level of game is required.

LO 1 Understand computer games development

1.1 Critically compare different types of computer games and platforms
1.2 Evaluate the characteristics of user interaction
1.3 Evaluate the impact of computer-based gaming

LO 2 Be able to design computer games

2.1 Design a computer game for a given requirement
2.2 Identify the components and data and file structures required to develop a computer game
2.3 Evaluate alternative designs and solutions to meet a given requirement

LO 3 Be able to develop computer games

3.1 Implement a computer game to a given design using a suitable programming environment
3.2 Implement components to meet design requirements
3.3 Implement a game user interface to meet design requirements

LO 4 Be able to test and document computer games

4.1 Critically review and test a computer game
4.2 Analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies
4.3 Critically evaluate independent feedback on a developed computer game and make recommendations for improvements
4.4 Create documentation for the installation, set-up and support for a developed computer game.

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