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Dec 12, 2021

Purpose of this assignment

To provide learners with an understanding of the principles of digital forensics and the impact on commerce, society and the individual.


You work as a Junior Cyber Security Analyst at Ba-Pef Digitals, a Wembley based digital busines security company. The company specialises in providing digital security solutions and consultancy services. You have been assigned to plan, implement and analyse the outcomes of a digital forensics investigation for a new client: an online retailer ( has noticed a series of security concerns regarding both their web and database server. This include suspected emails and files. has also received a number of complaints from clients about phishing scams.

Other useful details:

  • uses Windows platform
  • PCs
  • Cisco routers

Task 1

Plan a digital forensics investigation for Produce a plan covering a range of options on how you will carry out your investigation. Search for (on the Internet) and compare 3 suitable different digital forensics

Task 2

Implement your planned digital forensics investigation. Discuss the issues to be considered before and after implementation

Note:Provide annotated screen prints showing the results of your investigation.

Task 3

Systematically record each process during investigation:

Note: You may present your records in a table showing date, time of investigation and PC ID.

LO4: Be able to analyse the outcomes of digital forensics investigations:

Task 4

Present your findings (of forensics investigation) to an audience

Note:Create a PowerPoint presentation (about 10 minutes) of your findings, and present it to an audience (classmates).


In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to:


Plan a digital forensics investigation


Implement a digital forensics investigation


Systematically record each process during investigation


Present findings of forensic investigation


Critically review and analyse finding


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