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Dec 12, 2021

Learning Outcomes

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Assessment Number 1 :†Written Essay

†Assignment Title:††Using Evidence

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes


LO1:† Identify characteristics of Quantitative and Qualitative research methods

Written Essay

(Assessment 1)

LO3:† Examine evidence in an objective way, with consideration to validity and reliability.

Written Essay

(Assessment 1)

LO5:Gather evidence from charts, graphs and tables, from text and online sources and present

Written Essay

(Assessment 1)

Assessment Brief:

In order to demonstrate your understanding of how research contributes to†evidencebased practice,†you are required to examine a particular area of Health or Social Care practice. You will be required to produce a plan of your essay to discuss at your tutorial.

Written Essay (80% weighting)

Your 2,000 word essay will be expected to address the following:

  • Investigate the research carried out making reference to a wide variety of†text and on-line†sources. This will be represented in your referencing and bibliography.
  • the literature reviewed you will be required to consider the arguments for a change in, or improvement to practice. What has initiated the need for change and/ or improvement?
  • With reference to at least two examples of research findings consider the†validity†and the†reliability†of the evidence gathered.
  • Discuss the methods used to gather the data. What were they? Is there evidence to show that the sample was appropriate for the type of research carried out?

Assessment 2 (20% weighting)

Assessment Number 2:†††††† Oral Presentation

Assessment Title:†††††††††††††††† Using Evidence

Oral Presentation

7 minute oral presentation of your paper to peerís which:

Gives a brief overview of your investigation of the research examined

Explains how this might influence improve†health and social care†practice

Assessment 3:

Assessment Number 3:††† Work-Based Portfolio

Assessment Title:†Reflection &Work Based Competency Framework

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes


LO4:† Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between research theory and health and social care practice.†††††

Work Based Portfolio

†(Assessment 3)

Assessment 3 (0% weighting)

Please seek further guidance from your tutor /practice trainer regarding the competency framework. You will be required to achieve a level 6 in all of these competencies

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