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Dec 14, 2021


The purpose of this assignment is to gain understanding of behaviourdeveloping managerprinciples and gain skills to review you own managerial potential, roles and responsibilities as well as create a career development plan.
There are four learning outcomes to this unit:
1. Understand principles and practices of management behaviour
2. Be able to review own potential as a prospective manager
3. Be able to show managerial skills within a business and services context
4. Be able to create a career development plan for employment within a business and services context
This assignment will analyse the theories of management behaviour, then assess your own management potential before reviewing your management skills.
To succeed in this unit, you are required to follow the assessment criteria.
Your assignment should demonstrate your understanding of how your research links coherently to these aspects of management. Your assignment should include evidence of your research with reference. This includes linking research coherently to your writing and using referencing (Harvard model), such as bibliography, citing and quotes.

Task A: Conduct a presentation for an organisation in the hospitality industry. You should indicate the understanding of principles and practices of management behaviour. The presentation should cover the following points.


1.1 Compare and contrast 2 different management styles that are used in the organisation
1.2 Discuss the leadership characteristics of the restourant manager of the organisation that he should possess to conduct his role successfully
1.3 Evaluate the communication process within the organisation
1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in the organisation


3.1 How will the organisation manager lead and motivate the team to achieve an agreed goal or objective
3.2 Justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goals and objectives and recommendations for improvements.

Task B: Compile a report where you document your own potential as a prospective manager and create a career development plan for employment within the business and service context. The report should cover the following points:


2.1 Assessment of your own management skills performance, with examples and evaluations
2.2 Analysis of your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
2.3 Prioritised objectives and targets to develop your own potential


4.1 An explanation of how your own managerial and personal skills will support career development
4.2 A review of your career and personal development needs, current performance and future expectations.
A Personal and Career Development Plan

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