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This is an internally assessed unit. In this assignment you will have the opportunity to show your knowledge and understanding of the UK, European and worldwide tourist destinations. You need to be able to understand and explain the main appealing factors of the different tourist destinations and to be able to locate the worldwide tourist destinations in a geographic map. The purpose of this unit is to enable you to become familiar with the tourist products, major popular tourist destinations in UK, Europe and worldwide and to enable you to become familiar with its culture, geography, economy, temperature and factors which appeal and deter tourists to visit those touristic places. Ultimately the aim of this unit is to prepare you to work in the travel and tourism industry. The example will be that you will be able to work either for a tour operator or for a travel agency where you need to quickly locate and assess the tourist destination requested by your client, in terms of its potential factors that might attract your potential clients to visit it and therefore which will enable you to sell the tourist product efficiently.
In order to pass this assignment you will have to successfully complete TASK 1 to TASK 4. For these you are required to follow the instructions as specified towards each task and support with research by using supportive materials like books, websites, articles from newspapers and travel magazines, online articles, to visit the countrys tourist destination embassy and collect promotional flyers and prospectuses, etc, and give a feedback on the findings by relating your arguments to the relevant case studies as specified towards each task.

Task 1

Case Study

You work in the product development department of a leading Tour Operator. The managing Director has requested that you investigate the UK travel destinations and a worldwide country chosen by you in which you will be the companys travel expert for that destination (eg. India).

LO1 Understand the scope of key UK and worldwide tourist destinations

P1.1- analyse main tourist destination and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation
P1.2- Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends


Case Study

Based on the worldwide tourist destinations you have chosen for task 1 (e.g. Brazil or China) assess the Learning outcome 2 and answer the following questions (approx. 1000 words)

LO2 Understand the cultural,social and physical features of tourist destinations

P2.1- Analyse the cultural, social and physical features of the worldwide tourist Destination selected by you explaining their appeal to tourists
P2.2-Compare features of a tourist destination in a developing country and leading tourist Destinations .


Case Study

You work in the product development department of a Signature the department of luxurious and adventure tourism of the tour operator Thomas Cook. You are required to investigate a leading worldwide tourist destination and a new and emerging destination TASK 3

LO3 Understand how the characteristics of destinations affect their appeal to tourists

P3.1 Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourist destinations
P3.2-Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appealfrom a developing country (e.g. Bhurma or Nepal).


Case Study

You work as a Tourism Management Consultant for the department of tourism of an emerging worldwide tourist destination selected by you(e.g. are India, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nepal, etc) . Your job is to create a report addressing the P1.1. and P1.3 below. In summary the aim of your job will to evaluate how the development of the tourism industry can have an impact in the emerging tourism destination you have selected. What are the implications of tourism impacts and which sustainable resolutions can be put into practice.

LO4 Understand issues likely to affect the popularity of tourist destinations

P4.1 Analyse issues that affect the popularity of tourist destinations
P4.2 Discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at the worldwide tourist destination selected by you.

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